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Flour on Dough

About Wildflour Artisan

At WildFlour Artisan, we are passionate about baking homemade breads, muffins and cookies.  We use traditional methods and the finest ingredients to create our artisanal treats. We have so much fun in our kitchen as we use our creativity to create new recipes!  This is where our "Bread of the Month" shines. You get to be the first to try new recipes, NOT on our regular menu, and give feedback. Your feedback will directly influence whether or not those specialized items make it to our everyday menu.

We strive to provide personalized options and offer a wide range of recipes to help our customers enjoy the taste of home. 

Come visit us today and experience the taste of home.

The Story Behind It All

Sometimes, we have dreams where our passions can become our everyday work. One of those passions, for me, has been baking and cooking healthy, fresh baked foods. 

In 2023, I knew that God was asking me to step away from full-time ministry, but I did so not knowing what was next. I did know that I needed time to heal and process the loss of my mother-in-law, who lived with us and of whom I was main caregiver. As I found more time to reignite the flame of baking, I fell in love with the art of sourdough bread baking. 

As I honed my skills of bread making, I also found joy in creating recipes of my own, both in baking and cooking. Having 6 kids has always caused me to cook and bake in large quantities. Now, I am so excited to share these foods with families, desiring home baked and/or prepped foods.

I never dreamed my passion for baking would result in me opening my own in-home micro bakery! Because of close friends who inspired me to take the risk, and my great aunt who believes in me enough to financially support this journey, I launched WildFlour Artisan in February 2024.

-Clorrisa Brooks

A photo of WildFlour owner, Clorrisa Brooks.
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